Sonntag, 23. September 2012

Östereich, Süd Tirol, Schattwalder Berge

In my last holiday,  I had one of the best short trip in Austria. Even though I stayed 4 days only in south Tirol, but it still great and worthwhile. The weather was fastastic...sunshine but not too hot...landscape is wonderful...people are nice. Too much walk but it's tired but lots of fun and it was a great memory.

Walking to Wannenjoch which 1.852m high.

It's not easy dragging myself & my 20 kg backpack to the peak, but it's really worth to fight. The feeling when you're on the top of this mountain is indescribable. You've to try it yourself.

The deep blue lake in Tannheimer Tal  called Vilsalpsee. 

The water is as clear as cristall. I love it.

Playing with the sun.

Vilsapsee from the top of the mountain named Neunerköpfle. Too beautiful to be true.

Feel free like a bird with paragliding.

I had a great lunch in this restuarant with wonderful view gratis.

Donnerstag, 13. September 2012

Donnerstag, 30. August 2012

Samstag, 21. April 2012

Air Pressure Droplets

This time I try to make some different with the droplets.
The first drop come from below. I use a little container filled with water and about 1 bar pressure. Through the solenoid valve, controlled with the Camera Axe trigger, I shoot water to the top, then a couple milliseconds later the second drop fall from above and collides with the first one.
Of course also this time I use food color for the water and different filter for the flash.


Sonntag, 15. April 2012

Drop collisions (drop-on-drop)

One drop falls down into water and bounces back up. A couple milliseconds later the next drops comes down and collides with the first one. Photos taken with help of the selfmade microcontroller CameraAxe to trigger the flashes.